& Snow Removal, Inc

Thanks for the interest in Dan’s Landscaping and Snow Removal Inc. Dan Mike is the owner and operator of Dan’s Landscaping which was started when he was about 14. His parents owned a hobby farm, so after school, if there was work to do he would get equipment ready for cutting or baling of hay help or take care of the cows. In the winter he would go around the area and plow driveways with an older Ford tractor with no cab he would be out all day plowing driveways. Soon after he got his license, went out and bought an older Chevy blazer, then went out and bought a plow put the two together and started venturing out more for plowing. That’s when he started plowing parking lots; he would plow them before school and after. After graduating high school he kept helping his parents, working for other people and also took on another job working part-time for a local township on the road crew. In 1989, he decided to quit his part-time job and go full time, with being self-employed. If there were some slow times “which there were” he would go and work for other local contractors which gave him some great experience.

As he was growing up his dad always told him to do the best job that he could and be proud of your work. So today, he still holds true to take along with being honest and fair with people. Like they say “you get what you pay for.”

As business grew he would save his money to either upgrade equipment or buy another piece of equipment. As he starting growing he learned how to fix and repair his equipment. Through the years he has met some great people and role models; he has had his ups and downs and learned from his mistakes.

He has acquired some great accounts, in which he still has many of them today. Along with doing his landscaping – snow removal business he now offers a dumpster business in which not only does he has dumpsters but also have portable storage and dust control.

He does most of his work is in the Forest Lake area, especially the snow removal that way he can be on top of things and make sure my customers are getting quality service and reliability. He also has another side job which he really enjoys; he is a volunteer firefighter for the Forest Lake Fire department.

He has learned a lot since being on the department met some great people and made some new friends. He also does some volunteering for the local churches and schools. Thanks for looking at my website and if you have any questions or need pricing, please feel free to call.